Statement of Parliamentary Secretary to Islamic Heritage Month in 2021

Rachna Singh, Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-racism Initiativess has released this statement in celebration Islamic Heritage Month.

“October is Islamic Heritage Month. An opportunity to honor the generosity, heritage and contributions of Muslim communities. It’s also a chance of solidarity against anti Muslim hate, Islamophobia and any other forms of hatred.

“British Columbia hosts a large Muslim community. There are more than 79,000 who call the province home. We are grateful that Muslims continue to make contributions in all areas within the province. These contributions are rich in arts, culture, business, and philanthropy and bring diversity and wealth to our communities.

“While this celebration is great, we know that our community has had significant challenges in recent years. We’ve seen a marked increase in hateful remarks against Muslims in Canada, and B.C. We’ve also seen an increase of hateful attacks against Muslims in Canada and British Columbia. This is unacceptable.

“Racisms and hate hurt people in our communities. We need all of our collective voices and support to stop hate in any form. Our government will tackle all forms of discrimination, including hate-based and faith-based.

“We have acted quickly to fund grassroots antiracism project funding. We’ll introduce anti-racism law in spring 2022 to ensure a more equitable province.

“This October is Islamic Heritage Month. I encourage you all to participate in local events within your community to learn more about the different cultures and traditions that Muslim Canadians bring with them.”