Louisville Muslim Group’s Efforts in Dispelling Islam Myths

Louisville mosque members hope that their regular open houses will become a learning experience for neighbors, who are closely watching the Taliban’s resurgence and have questions about Islam.

Sabeel said that “It’s a common phenomenon for people to fear the unknown when they don’t know one another.”

Ahmed, who is director of GainPeace, an international organization that strives to bridge Muslims with other people, speaks frequently at Guiding Light Islamic Centre in Louisville.

He said that the feedback he has received so far was that people are kind, positive, and sincere. “They want information about Islam. They don’t want to be just a follower of social media or some other non-valid sources. Instead, they come here and open up.”

Ahmed stated that Islam fear has been intensified by the Taliban in recent weeks. The Taliban, Ahmed said, takes Islam too far and isn’t representative of the wider community of Muslims in America and other countries.

“Just like, suppose the KKK is doing anything wrong in honor of Christianity or Bible. We don’t blame Christianity/the Bible community, we just blame the specific individuals,” he said.

Many Muslims in Louisville are working right now to help Afghanistanns who may be being persecuted and oppressed by the new government.

Ahmed stated that they are seeking support for refugees and those who remain in the country, as well as people who might need it. “So, legally, logistically, financially, we are coming to one another.”

Ahmed stated, “His job is to help people understand their neighbours better.”

He said that he wanted people to realize that they are all humans, despite differences, and that there is no one country like it. We want to work together as Americans and Muslims. That’s what we believe.